The Nuts and Bolts of Data Analysis

This five-modules training program will provide participants with the needed skills to conduct statistical analysis in the field of education. With a hands-on workshop approach, Prof. Hala Tamim from York University will demonstrate the use of SPSS and provide the participants with the knowledge of using SPSS from data entry, to running inferential statistics, all the way to interpreting and reporting results. Participants will learn how to create and manage databases. Statistical tests to be covered include t-test, analysis of variance, chi-square test, correlation, nonparametric tests and regression analysis.

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Who should join?

This training has been designed to assist junior researchers and graduate students with the needed know-how for conducting statistical analyses with SPSS through a step-by-step hands-on training approach. Others who would benefit from this training include more seasoned researchers who are interested in a refresher about quantitative data analysis, and qualitative researchers who want to open pathways towards quantitative research.

Dr. Hala TamimDr. Rana Tamim

Meet the Expert

Dr. Hala Tamim

Dr. Tamim is a Professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health Science at York University and holds an adjunct faculty position in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University. She has a PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from McGill University and a Master’s in Public Health from Emory University. Dr. Tamim has over 20 years of professional teaching experience. She has extensive expertise in research methods and statistical analyses and has managed several community-based and multi-centre projects. Dr. Tamim's research interests are numerous with a major focus on maternal and child health by a substantive publication record that has garnered her more than 8,900 citations on Google scholar as of March 2022.

Dr. Rana Tamim

Dr. Rana Tamim is the Founder and CEO of edubridges, an Affiliate Professor at Concordia University; and a sessional lecturer at OISE, University of Toronto; and a contract faculty at Wilfred Laurier University. In addition to being a Professor of Educational Technology, she has an extensive experience as an educational leader, researcher, and instructional designer. Dr. Tamim is known as an international expert in conducting rigorous and reliable research reviews to inform evidence-based decisions and policy development with an established publication record in top-tier peer-reviewed journals with more than 7200 google scholar citations. She believes in the power of transformational leadership and values the importance of creating a positive work environment. Dr. Tamim also appreciates the teacher’s role as an instructional designer who creates appropriate student-centered learning environments while facilitating knowledge acquisition in various settings including face-to-face, distance, online, and blended.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the training, attendees will be able to:

•   Set up SPSS files and manage data
•   Decide on what statistical test to use to answer a particular research question
•   Apply the appropriate inferential test statistic using SPSS
•   Interpret the results of the statistical analysis
•   Report the findings in tabular and narrative formats

Program Duration and Schedule

The program includes five three-hour sessions for a total of 15 hours of training. Sessions will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from 3:00 to 6:00 pm Dubai time as per the following schedule:

Module 1:  Saturday 4th June 2022
Module 2:  Sunday 5th June 2022
Module 3:  Saturday 11th June 2022
Module 4:  Sunday 12th June 2022
Module 5:  Saturday 18th June 2022

Registration Fees and Offers

• The 5 module training program fee is 5,000 AED

• Early bird individual registrations completed by 30th of April benefit from a 20% discount

• Registration is to be completed through the edu-bridges online portal

• A Certificate of Completion will be issued to participants attending the entirety of the program

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Program Outline

►  Module 1 Introduction to SPSS and descriptive statistics      

Topics covered:

•      SPSS files and data management
•      Descriptive statistics
•      Recoding and computing new variables
•      Graphing and visualizing data
•      Data verification and cleaning

►  Module 2 Inferential statistics: t-test       

Topics covered:

•      Inferential statistics: hypothesis testing and confidence intervals
•      Aligning statistical tests with research questions
•      Comparing two means (t-test)
•      Independent (unpaired) sample t-test
•      Dependent (paired) sample t-test

►  Module 3 Inferential statistics: ANOVA and chi-square test

Topics covered:

•      Comparing more than 2 means (analysis of variance / F-test)
•      Comparing 2 or more proportions (chi-square test)
•      Overview of nonparametric tests (Kruskal-Wallis Test, Wilcoxon signed rank test and Mann-Whitney test)

►  Module 4 Inferential statistics: correlation and regression analysis      

Topics covered:

•      Correlation
•      Simple linear regression
•      Introduction to multivariate analysis

►  Module 5 Reporting

Topics covered:

•      Writing the statistical analysis section of a research paper
•      Reporting results in tabular, graph and narrative formats
•      Writing the results section of a research paper