Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses:

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses:

What, Why, and How

With the growing body of published research and knowing that no one research study may produces a conclusive response to a particular research question, researchers are aspiring to conduct reviews to better understand what a body of literature has to offer. However, traditional literature reviews and narrative reviews tend to be selective and highly subjective thus being susceptible to bias. That is why systematic reviews and meta-analyses—both of which focus on explicit and rigorous processes that increase rigor and minimize bias—are gaining prominence. Overall, systematic reviews and meta-analyses provide reliable research syntheses that can inform future research, policy, and practice. This workshop addresses the what, why, and how of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Attendees will gain an understanding and hands-on practice about the steps entailed in a systematic review from framing the research question through literature search, review, study feature coding, and analysis. In addition, attendees will be provided with insights on framing their own systematic review question and process.

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Prof. Rana TamimDr. Eugene Borokhovski

Meet the Expert

Prof. Rana Tamim

Dr. Rana Tamim is the Founder and CEO of edubridges, an Affiliate Professor at Concordia University; and a sessional lecturer at OISE, University of Toronto; and a contract faculty at Wilfred Laurier University. In addition to being a Professor of Educational Technology, she has an extensive experience as an educational leader, researcher, and instructional designer. Dr. Tamim is known as an international expert in conducting rigorous and reliable research reviews to inform evidence-based decisions and policy development with an established publication record in top-tier peer-reviewed journals with more than 7200 google scholar citations. She believes in the power of transformational leadership and values the importance of creating a positive work environment. Dr. Tamim also appreciates the teacher’s role as an instructional designer who creates appropriate student-centered learning environments while facilitating knowledge acquisition in various settings including face-to-face, distance, online, and blended.

Dr. Eugene Borokhovski

Dr. Borokhovski is an Affiliate Associate Professor at the Department of Education at Concordia University in Montreal,Canada. He is also the systematic reviews project manager at the Center for the Study of Learning and Performance. He holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology from Concordia University and has 30 years of experience in research, teaching, and applied psychology. Dr. Borokhovski is an expert in conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis in social sciences and education.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this two-day workshop, attendees will be able to:

  1. Discuss the theoretical and practical underpinnings of systematic reviews and meta-analyses; and their importance for scientific research and applied practices
  2. Identify and implement the series of steps entailed in conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis, including:

            -       Formulating the problem

            -       Searching the literature

            -       Gathering information from studies

            -       Evaluating the quality of studies

            -       Analyzing and integrating the outcomes of research

            -       Interpreting the evidence

            -       Presenting the results

  1. Extract study features and relevant data from research articles to calculate effect sizes
  2. Assess the quality of a given systematic review or meta-analysis
  3. Formulate their own systematic reviews or meta-analysis question and develop a general road map for conducting the project

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